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Study, designing, manufacturing and delivery of equipment and outfit, assembly and guided-assembly, servicing.

KOROZA KARAT Co. Ltd. has highly qualified designers and constructors with long-term experience in the field of galvanic and lacquers polymeric coverings and treatment of chemically contaminated waste waters which exudes from these processes. To meet the needs of fitting work on client's projects the company possesses modern mobile welding and locksmith's equipment with highly qualified service technicians.

Galvanic lines - manual, semi-automatic and automatic
Filtering units
Sinkable heaters
Loading and unloading frames
Control switchboards
Aspiration and compensating systems
Water and air treatment

Lacquer plating
Dyer's lines and equipment for making lacquer plating of any known classic and modern technologies - spray, electrophoresis, dust
Conveyers - hanging, time, flooring
Aspiration systems
Treatment and fire-extinguisher systems at the dyer's shops
Loading and unloading frames
Other outfit

Preparations for skimming of - iron, non-ferrous metals, electrochemical skimming. Supporting preparations
Preparations for phosphating for - cold plastic processing, facilitated settle down of machine parts, preparatory to surfaces before lacquer plating (ferrous and zinc phosphates), additional processing of phosphate plating
Preparations for galvanizing - plating of mettals (tin, chrome, messing, copper, nickel, silver, zinc), thickening and straining of galvanic plating, chromate treatment of zinc coatings (blue, yellow, black, olive-green)
Preparations for - grinding and polishing (metals and plastics), drum grinding
Preparations for interplay protection with passivating and inhibiting effect
Supporting straining preparations
Membrane super-filters (for analytic and biological laboratories)
Preparations for welding and soldering of aluminum
Preparations for hardening and return of steel
Preparations for refining of aluminum and aluminum alloys
Preparations for refining of zinc
Preparations for protection of timber from fungus and insects

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